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CFT Solid it's more of a puzzle, each team member represents an unique piece that contributes to the bigger picture.

We do our best to understand the requirements of every business towards a better experience.

We love to use the power of information technology to continuously meet and exceed the user's expectations.

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Dare to dream out of the box and take action until it comes true.

- CFT Solid - Innovating IT, Fostering Partnerships

Cherish the people we work with to build long lasting relationships among us and our business partners.

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Open and transparent communication helps us to focus on ethical dimension of our work.

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Project Management

Project Management

Each project is unique! Here are only a few of the variables involved:

  • Information flows complexity
  • Business functions own challenges
  • Volumes of data
  • Stakeholders involved
  • Continuous change – the only CONSTANT

Be it a small or a large project it needs to be properly configured by clearly define the expectations, details of the phases needed and the resources to be engaged. To reduce the risks, we use specific implementation methods and tools promoted by the IT industry and love to tailor those to the particularities of each project.

We are PROUD to state that each and every project CFT has been involved in, has been successfully delivered.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Once the project strategy has been defined it is now time to dive into details and discover together with you, the beneficiary, the specifics of the business. Only then we can make use of our extensive experience, Financial, Accounting, Purchasing, Logistics, Sales, Projects, Production or other area of your business to come up with the most appropriate solutions.

On the other hand an ERP project is an opportunity for change, this is a good moment to identify and address it to get the most out of the investment in the solution chosen.

Functional Delivery

Functional Delivery

This is the part when all the talks and documents get transformed in something concrete: an application that delivers the functionalities expected.

Setup, testing, data conversion from legacy systems, user training, documentation, manage the transition, ensure new system adoption represents the major elements needed to be able to get to the Go Live moment.

The ERPs in our portfolio are Oracle E-Business Suite Applications and Odoo Enterprise.

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Even though our philosophy is to squeeze the most out of the available off the self-functionalities, there is always a need to write some code to develop new ones to cover specific needs such as: reports, change date between systems, deliver some Romanian statutory requirements.

At CFT we master technologies such as: Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Reports, Oracle Forms, Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Workflow, WebServices, Python, Java.

Production Support

Production Support

Now that every piece of puzzle is where it is supposed to be, the adventure starts. CFT is here to assist our users to cope with any new challenge regardless of the nature of it.

We make best use of our expertise to respond to new requests that may come from the economic environment and / or your business itself.

Software Infrastructure

Software Infrastructure

None of the other services would be possible without the availability of the applications, this is our job too. Design technical infrastructure, configure it and install all the necessary software stack.

Data bases administration, monitoring, overall system performance monitoring, software upgrades are some of the activities needed to ensure, close to 99.9%, availability and responsiveness of the applications.


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